Obsidian image resize plugin

obsidian image resize plugin

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This maps out your ideas, ordinary text, headings, and other. This system works a little let you format your notes and use graphs and images other more traditional note-taking systems. Obsidian also supports this function:.

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It can also be used now follow users system time.

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Obsidian - How to Resize Images
Is there a way that I can set the size I want for the pasted pictures so that it has a default size after I pasted them to Obsidian? For example. This plugin allow you resize your notes of Obsidian. - maoxiaoke/image-resizer. The image-converter plugin works for me. You can use your mouse, just like in Word, etc. Installed and resized an image, my first words here ".
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  • obsidian image resize plugin
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Made a slight update to scrollwheel-image-resizing; zoom should now try to follow the cursor. New Features You can now convert, compress, and resize all internal images in the current note or across your entire vault while making sure all links are updated too. Convert, compress and resize images from one format to another by dragging and dropping or pasting into the note. MIT license. Updated the regex for link and size detection.